Mail & Guardian | Discovery gets up doctors’ noses

Read the original article in Mail & Guardian | 22 February 2019 Private medical scheme Discovery has found itself butting heads with doctors after it introduced a new day-surgery benefits structure to a number of its health plans. Surgical specialists have complained that the new structure was implemented without sufficient consultation with the medical fraternity […]


Double-digit increases in medical aid member contributions already announced by medical schemes for 2017 perpetuate the dilemma the industry finds itself in, namely to accept increases imposed by private-healthcare service providers and recover these increases from members.   The weighted average 2017 medical-scheme increases already announced are: Bonitas Medical Fund: 11,9% (from 7,2% in 2016) […]

A Take on Day Hospitals as in 2014

Internationally nearly 70-80%% of cases are done in day hospitals, in South Africa only 10% – 15%. The big hospital groups bought out most of the day hospitals and closed them down, thereby forcing patients to visit their more expensive hospitals. Services offered at day hospitals are billed at a lower and more cost-effective rate […]

Day hospitals – the smart hospital choice… or is there NO choice?

Procedures with minimally invasive surgical techniques are on the forefront – the future of healthcare is shifting towards a day hospital setting. This is common practice internationally, why then is South Africa so different? In general, a hospital account consists of – If you compare a day ward fee in a day hospital with a […]

A Case for Day Hospitals

A case for day hospitals and a reminder of ancient Chinese healthcare principles… Many with a career in healthcare have at some point heard the phrase “prevention is better than cure”. This originating from the likes of Dr Li Shizhen from the Imperial Medical Academy during the Ming Dynasty, who advocated the role of the […]